Frivolous Friday – Who is Olivia Today?

Hey, that might be a good title for one of her books. You may have noticed that so far I’m using Olivia’s name in the titles for the Calico Cat Mysteries. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to come up with title ideas, but it’s fun while it lasts.

I chose the title for this post because of Olivia’s quirky purrsonality. As you know I had her tested to see what cat breeds are in her DNA. She is definitely an interesting blend of breeds, and sometimes an inkling of a particular breed seems to emerge.

Now that I know Olivia’s DNA make-up I often attribute some of her characteristics and traits to one or more of her possible ancestors. Sometimes she’s super snuggly and clingy like her Persian, Ragdoll, or Maine coon ancestors. Other days she’s aloof and standoffish—she doesn’t even want me to touch her, more like the Egyptian Mau. She can be as active as the Abyssinian and as quiet as the Ragdoll. She might carry something in her mouth and even go fetch it and bring it to me like the Abyssinian or the Ragdoll in her genetic pool might, and she can jump like a gazelle—wait, that’s not a cat. She is thought to come from the genetic pool of the Cheetah, so maybe that’s where that skill comes from.

I have to wonder though if the part of her that isn’t a breed at all, but a color pattern—the calico—is trumping all of the breeds when it comes to her sometimes quirky—sweet and sassy behavior.


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