Newsday Tuesday – Houses for Cats

Cats have good instincts for the most part—and those who live in the elements must develop excellent instincts or they won’t survive the seasons, the storms, the drought, and the lack of food. In our world there are many homeless, abandoned, unwanted cats—more than I can report here. The numbers are to unsettling. And those numbers are all our doing—human-caused. The numbers I like to focus on are the number of cats that are being cared for—are loved, well-fed, warm, and safe. That is a high number too and that’s also because of us.

Bless those of us (individuals from the human race) who care for the homeless cats. I think we’ve all fed a stray, adopted or rescued cats over the years, helped and taught someone else care properly for their cat, including our children. Bless us, but some humans go above and beyond.

Today I’d like to take my hat off to those who provide food and a safe place for cats, but also to those who providing housing for those cats that prefer not to be confined indoors with a family—cats who would otherwise be out in the cold, rain, snow, and extreme heat.

There are caring individuals who design and build houses for cats out of plastic bins, tires, Styrofoam containers, repurposed dog houses, and more. Some people and rescue groups purchase ready-made insulated, heated houses for cats trying to survive neighborhoods. They come in one- or two-cat size or for multiple cats in just about any style you want. Or you can find plans for cat houses online. Here’s a fun site with some interesting ideas for indoor and outdoor cats:

This site features some very innovative ideas for outdoor cat houses made of everyday things you may never have thought of.

And if you ever get to Turkey, you must visit the Cat Village there and see the array of houses they provide for the 100 resident cats. Here’s a sneak peek:

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