Mindful Monday –Neighborhood Cats-A Photographer’s Dream

Just look at this gorgeous photo I snapped of our next door neighbor, Mollie, one evening as we dined on our patio with her human. Mollie and her actual sister, Annie, (the sleek black and white cat pictured below) always follow their family members when they take a walk, visit other neighbors, and even when we used to have our monthly neighborhood potlucks. Charming.

But the two cats also visit neighbors by themselves. Mollie and Annie consider our yard an extension of their yard, one reason being there are no dogs and there are a lot of birds and squirrels to watch, and trees to climb. While some neighbors don’t appreciate visits from neighborhood cats, I enjoy seeing them outside, staring in at Olivia and Sophie, accompanying me as I putter in my yard, and just relaxing in a sun puddle or in the shade of our guava tree.

And as you know, I sometimes take advantage of these two (and other) cats with my camera. Well, they can be so darned photogenic. How can I resist?

Don’t get me wrong, there have been cat intruders into our yard that I’m not in love with—those expert bird-hunting cats, for example. Annie and Mollie are not very good at it and not motivated by hunger, although I have seen them trot home from here with a rodent in their mouth. Thank you, girls.

I don’t welcome neighborhood cats that want to attack Olivia and Sophie through the window screens or that are snarly to us when we try to pet them. Those cats can just go home (after I get a few pictures of them, of course).

How do you feel about free-roaming cats visiting your property? Yay or Nay? Do you make nice with them or shoo them away?

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