Frivolous Friday – Readers Love My Storybook Characters

It is said that if movie goers or readers love or hate a character that’s a huge compliment to the screen writer or author. I’m pleased to say that readers often comment on my characters. “I’d like to know those people.” “They’re so nice to each other.” “Your characters are so interesting.” “I love watching the characters grow through each story.”

These are just some of the comments fans post in their reviews and that they write to me. I consider this a huge compliment because that’s what I attempt to achieve—a connection, not only to the cats in my stories, but to the human characters.

Certainly not everyone in my stories is kind and interesting. You must have the bad guy or gal—otherwise there’s no conflict. Even the coziest of mysteries must have a conflict, which is generally tied into the mystery. But to have readers see my characters as people they feel they know, that they’d love to sit down with and get to know, is a good feeling.

Fans also become attached to the cat characters. Rags and Olivia each have their own following. One reader said, “I love Rags. Please don’t ever let him die.” And I’ve had several readers tell me how important my books have been to them throughout these difficult months. My stories take them to gentler times and make them smile and even laugh out loud. What more could a cozy mystery writer ask for?


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