Newsday Tuesday – Cats From Every Corner of the World

I came across a domesticated cat I don’t think I’ve written about here because I don’t remember hearing about it before. This cat is thought to have come from the wild forest cat of Russia and they call it Ussuri.

Discovering this got me to wondering what other cats are out there that most of us haven’t heard of and where do they come from? I was surprised by the answers and you might be too. While there are a lot of cat breeds from the US, many of them seem to be created from mutations and breeding experiments. The Maine coon is thought to be the only or one of only a few natural crossbreeds attributed to the US.

The Burmese originated in Burma, of course, the British shorthair is from England and we’ve all heard of the Egyptian Mau and the Norwegian forest cat. Oh yes and there’s the Japanese bobtail, the American curl, American bobtail, and so forth, and it’s pretty clear that a cat called Chartreux is from France, right? But have you heard of the Sokoke from Kenya, Raas from Indonesia, and the Donskoy from Russia. There’s also the Australian Mist—you guessed it from Australia. We need to check out that one for a future blog post, and the Aegean from Greece.

Visit this site to learn more about the Ussuri, I was surprised to find that the Ussuri isn’t even mentioned on this interesting Wikipedia chart of cat breeds.

So far this week, we’ve had a moment of remembrance related to cats and an educational on cats. Tomorrow we’ll have a bit more fun and cut loose on the funny things cats do.

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