Mindful Monday – Conversations With Your Cat

We’d all like to know more about our cats—what they’re thinking, why they do the things they do, what their lives were like before we met them, what they’re afraid of and why. Animal communicator, Ann Marie Hoff, can help you to tune into your cat (dog, horse, hamster…) and establish a better relationship with him/her through a better understanding of what really goes on in the animal’s head.

And she can do this in person or by phone. She also has a book that she says will cause you to believe in magic again. The title is: “Animal Lover, One Woman’s Fascinating Journey to Uncover Spiritual Purpose of Pets.” The book is 7 years old—published in 2014, but it appears to be one of those evergreen books. I’ve put it on my Christmas list because the concept fascinates me.

What are some of the things Ann Marie can accomplish for you with regard to your pet? You might learn why your cat refuses to use the litter box (that’s huge), she can help you to find a lost pet or learn how your deceased pet is doing on the other side of the rainbow bridge. A session with Ann Marie may help you to prepare your pet for a major change (moving, being left at home with a sitter while you travel, etc.). You might also learn if your pet likes their name. If not, what would they rather be called? If you’d like to know more about Ann Marie and the work that she does, here’s a link:



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