Newsday Tuesday – Welcome Book 53 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries

As is always the case, the print version of Book 53—Rags Gets the Upper Paw—is available for purchase ahead of the Kindle version. That’s just the way we roll. Here’s the description: Fur and feathers fly in this frolicking spree against evil. Rags teams up with a parrot named Clayton in an attempt to stop a crime against a vulnerable group. The pair is also responsible for digging up a fortune, and teaching two teens a lesson they won’t soon forget. In this story, Rags saves a dog and a colony of cats from certain death. He rescues Savannah’s friend, Shelly twice, and he gives a stranger a gift of a lifetime.

Yes, there’s a whole lot going on in this story to keep you on the edge of your seat. Order your print copy today at The Kindle version coming soon—probably by September 13. Watch for my announcement. (I apologize for using the unfinished draft of the cover. I wasn’t able to load the final into this program, but this gives you an idea of the cover design.)

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