Wild (and Crazy) Wednesday – Happy Cat Month

Today is the first day of Happy Cat Month. This “holiday” was established primarily to help spread awareness and education about the health, welfare, and importance of companion cats.

If you’re like most devoted cat parents, you know exactly how to keep your cat happy and you provide those things on a regular basis.

Along with happy goes healthy and safe. So let’s continue keeping watch over our cats so we don’t ever have to rush them to the emergency veterinarian because they’ve eaten something that made them sick or become entangled in blind cords or become injured in another manner. We don’t want to have to put up posters all over the neighborhood announcing a missing cat. I think there are six such posters in our vicinity right now. Make sure your indoor cat is safely indoors. Replace loose or broken window screens. When you entertain keep a cat who might dart out closed in an off-limits room. You know the drill.

And spend time with your cats. In our household that is the one thing our cats crave most is attention and time on their terms. And sometimes they can become needy at the most inopportune times. But you gotta love them.


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