Thoughts For Thursday – Strange Cat Breeds

See the source imageI saw a photograph of an Amikoshi Oriential cat for the first time this week. Interesting—kind of cute. But then it’s a cat and cats are cute. For fun I found a site featuring strange breeds of cats and they include the Pixie Bob, a bobcat-type cat; an Elf cat, an extremely rare hybrid from the American curl and the Sphinx; the Canadian Sphinx, which is hairless; the munchkin, with short legs; the Scottish fold with bent ears, and the Egyptian Mau, which is spotted. One of the most unusual, other than the Amikoshi, is the Bambino, a hairless munchkin. What’s with hairless cats? I don’t see the point. Isn’t the allure of a cat the fur? Well, yes, and the whiskers and round eyes and those ear and paws…But for me, I also adore running my fingers through the fur.

My Cat-a-Day calendar for August 18 showed a pretty fluffy rare breed of cat—a Nebelung. This is the long-haired variety of the Russian blue. Sweet looking cat. Here’s a picture and an overview:

Here’s a site offering a rundown on a variety of unusual cat breeds:

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