Frivolous Friday–What’s Your Cat’s Body Type?

Even though a cat is a cat, their purr-sonality and body type can vary rather dramatically. There’s more when it comes to cat differences than the color and length of the cat’s fur and the shape of her face.

I happen to like my cats with medium length-fluffy fur and cobby bodies. When you adopt a kitten, though, you sometimes don’t know what you’ll get. It turns out that Olivia grew up to fit my ideal, plus she has an exquisite tail and the glorious calico markings. Well, we knew about her coloring when we adopted her. But the rest was up for grabs and we adore what she has become—except maybe for the sassiness. Well, we picked a calico and that’s what you usually get with a calico. They’re one of the sweetest and sassiest cats in catdom, even though calico is not a breed. Maybe it’s the red (orange/butterscotch, ginger) color. I think we’ve all known orange tabbies with ornery-quirky purr-sonalities. Oh they can be lazy sweethearts, but there’s that occasional really difficult ginger cat. One lived next door to us for a while. Boy, were we glad to see him move. He would rub up against you and beg for petting, then bite or

claw you quite aggressively. He broke into a neighbor’s house and attacked her elderly Abyssinian as she slept.

They say that redheaded people can be fiery. So maybe there is something to the color that makes calicos sassy.

Various body styles of cats are generally related to certain breeds. The cobby body typically belongs to the British shorthair and Persian. Larger cats are often from a Maine coon or Ragdoll background. We think of the sinewy body as being more Siamese-like.

Believe it or not, the brands they put on the body types are oriental, foreign, semi-foreign, cobby and semi cobby.

Here’s the rundown

Can’t afford to do a DNA test on your cat—curious about her background? This site might help you identify her heritage.

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