Newsday Tuesday – Cats in Advertising

We know how popular cats are since the advent of the internet, but did you know that cats were used in advertising all sorts of things long before YouTube and FaceBook? Here’s a photo of a poster in my office showing a couple of dozen ads from the 30s, 40s, and 50s using cats. There were cats in ads for matches, thread, medication, cigarettes, batteries, baking products and so much more. Here’s an article you might enjoy on the subject.

The Japanese have always honored cats. They created the famous money cat—a calico, of course, they have cat trains—where you can ride in cars among friendly cats, and they may be the cat capital of the world as far as numbers of cats. But have you seen their latest and maybe greatest ad campaign using a larger than life calico seemingly creeping around the top of a building in Tokyo? This giant billboard displays a calico cat in 3D overlooking the city, creating an absolutely charming distraction for shoppers, travelers, and businesspeople.


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