Frivolous Friday – Cool Cats

It’s getting warm out—HOT in some places. Your inside or outside cat is probably changing some of her behavior and habits. Our cats have given up their cozy beds. We can store those away until the cool fall breezes and winter chill returns. Now they stretch out on their backs on the hard floors, avoid the sun puddles they adore on cold days, and no longer snuggle with me under the covers at night. Cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves. Our Himalayan, Katy, used to sit in front of the cooler on a hot day, her fur blowing every which way. I wish I had a picture of that, but it was before the easy-access cell phone camera.

Outdoor cats opt for shady areas for their afternoon naps, even sometimes where you’ve watered. Damp ground makes for a cool napping spot.

We, as the cat’s caretakers, must do our part to keep our cats comfortable and safe during the summer months. Provide more than one source of fresh drinking water for your cats and refresh it often. Many cats have their own drinking fountain these days. Clean the filters and check the water levels frequently. You might provide a damp cloth or an ice pack for the cats to lay against—some cats will appreciate the gesture and even lay on it or at least close to it. Others just stretch out on their back and look at you as if to say, “Turn off the heat, Mom.”

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