Thoughts for Thursday – Carousing Cats

While I haven’t had an outdoor cat in years, I’m always happy to see cats out and about while I’m walking, or to see neighborhood cats lolling in my backyard or curled up in my birdbath. I always wonder where the cat has been, where she’s going, why she’s outside—is it a house rule or does she prefer the out of doors during the day? Has she had any close encounters of the dog/raccoon/hawk/coyote-kind? How does she protect herself? Is she streetwise? Does she have a cozy place inside where she can relax and feel safe?

All cats have stories to tell. Those who are allowed outdoor privileges, even more so. Olivia, for example, experiences stray fly encounters. The fly shows up, buzzes her a couple of times, and the chase is on—down the hall, up and over the sofa, on the windowsill, across the kitchen counter until either the fly finds a way back outside or is consumed. Ick.

Other than that, her outdoor activities are limited to trips to the vet in a carrier from the house to the car, and lingering hours at the windows watching birds, other animals, cars, and people with great interest.

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2 Responses to Thoughts for Thursday – Carousing Cats

  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    One of our cats is allowed a few minutes of closely monitored backyard time. She knows she is not to wander off over the fence into the neighbor’s yard anymore and brings herself in after a few minutes of sniffing around.

    • Patricia says:

      That is so cool. Our Himalayan, as she grew older, craved outdoor time and could be trusted to stick close to me when I’d take her out. I always left a door open so she had an escape hatch to safety if sometime were to frighten her. When I was ready to go in, I’d just call her and she’d follow me back inside.

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