Mindful Monday – Which is Your Cat’s Best Side

We all have cameras at the ready now and many of us are constantly snapping photos of our pets. I often receive cute pictures of a great-granddaughter smooching with her horse. She’s 3. Another three-year old great-grand posed recently with her favorite chicken, Reba, on her shoulder. And you know how often I photograph my cats and other people’s cats. Just a while ago I caught Olivia pulling my sweater off a countertop and claiming it as hers. Yes, she was sitting on it all prideful-like.

What are your favorite photos of your cats? Do you chase your cat around hoping she’ll pose for you? I love shots that feature Olivia’s tail—so majestic. And I’ve yearned to capture her doing her signature stretch where she stretches out her front paws with her tail arched over her body touching her head. Magnificent. She does this several times a day, but do you think I can get a good shot of that? Not yet. And now the stretch seems to be less dramatic—she isn’t putting as much into it as she did during her first year. I have a couple of shots of this pose, but they aren’t that good. I’m just not quick enough.

I like quirky, hilarious photos of cats, where they’re caught off guard doing something out of the ordinary, like curled up or laid out in a crazy sleeping position. It’s fun to photograph cats with props—flowers, a ceramic or stuffed cat or teddy bear, looking into a mirror or interested in something unusual such as the piece of lettuce Olivia found on the floor once. What did she do when she saw it? She sniffed it, then laid down next to it and posed for a picture. Yeah, she’s getting the idea. Mama’s always looking for a cute picture to post.

If you want to see more photos of Olivia, check out my facebook pages, facebook.com/PatriciaFry, Facebook.com/KleptoCatMysteries and Facebook.com/CalicoCatMysteries.

And don’t forget to send me your great, hilarious, and fun photos of your cats to use in this blog.

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