Mindful Monday – National Cat Lady Day

No, I didn’t make it up. April 19 is actually observed by many as National Cat Lady Day. This official observance started three years ago at CatCon, they say, in order to change the traditional perception of the crazy cat lady as being a doddering spinster with more cats than she can care for.

I belong to the Cat Writers Association—a group of men and women who adore, appreciate, advocate, work with, and care for cats—sometimes a lot of cats. Our members are writers, authors, and artists all related to cats, as well as veterinarians, cat behaviorists, cat rescue people, breeders, cat show participants, and more. I attend the conferences wearing cat ears—and believe me I’m not the only one. Many of us also wear clothes with cat motif or cat patterns—slippers, sweaters, t-shirts, skirts—you name it.

I often speak at the conferences. I used to talk about book marketing, for those who are writing or have written a book related to cats. Now I sit on panel discussions about writing cozy mysteries with cats.

And I am one of many women I know who are PROUD to be known as a crazy cat lady. If loving a cat—and maybe talking to her, buying her toys and special beds, moving so she can have the chair, talking about her as often as you talk about your grandchildren is considered being a crazy cat lady, count me in. Oops, I need to go now. My calico, Olivia just came in and told me she wants to play. I’m not kidding. She comes to gets me once every day—starts meowing and won’t stop, until I leave the office with her and toss her favorite ball up and down the hall for her. Who needs a personal trainer when you have a PURRsonal trainer?

Still not convinced that being a cat lady is cool? Here are pictures of some of the world’s most famous cat ladies.



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