Newsday Tuesday – Fiction Can Be Educational, Too

I’ve added an interesting feature to my Klepto Cat Mystery website. I realized, while working on one of my books, how much teaching goes on in my stories. So I made a list of the things you can learn from my Klepto Cat Mysteries and added 100 of them to my website.

I sometimes get comments from readers saying that they learned a tip or a concept or a new way of approaching an issue—yes, from reading one of my books.

So what can you learn from reading the Klepto Cat Mysteries? Here’s a short list:

  • The importance of creativity for a more meaningful life.
  • Tips for traveling with a cat.
  • What’s the best way to play with a kitten?
  • Relationship tips.
  • Which human foods are bad for cats?
  • How to cure cat acne.
  • Does your cat require a health certificate to travel?
  • What is whisker stress?
  • How many criminals own cats?
  • Are there laws against free-roaming cats?
  • What is a withdrawing room?
  • Cats have feelings, too.

Think about this the next time you want to do a little reading. While reading fiction can certainly take you away from your reality for a while and maybe help you to relax, there are often some interesting lessons and facts and concepts in the stories to tickle your brain.

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