Mindful Monday – Tale of Olivia’s Tail   

Everyone comments on Olivia’s tail. She must have inherited it from her Maine coon ancestors. Yes, it’s pretty, long, fluffy, and you should see what it looks like on a dry day—it becomes electric and picks up every piece of lint and other debris in its path.

Sometimes it seems to get in her way, like when she’s eating. She’ll curl it around her body and it covers part of her plate. I’ve even seen her get a little angry at it. She attacks it as if it’s a foreign intruder with a mind of its own.

But what I enjoy most about Olivia’s tail is how she uses it. It becomes a gorgeous arch over her back when she stretches—I’ve yet to capture a good photo of Olivia’s signature stretch. Like all cats, she uses her tail to announce her current mood—playful, irritated, relaxed, etc. And she uses it to demonstrate her emotions. She’ll swat me with her tail for no reason, other than I guess I’m in her space. She’ll leap up onto the back of my office chair or the sofa and start whipping that tail around hitting me over and over. Maybe she just wants my attention. Hilarious!!!

And she’ll hug me with it. So sweet. Yes, she’ll sit on the back of my chair and wrap her tail around my neck or she’ll pet me with it—gently swipe her tail across my arm or face.

I’ve read a lot about how cats use their tail, but I never had a cat with a tail that’s as expressive as Olivia’s. I guess she knows it’s pretty, so she flaunts it every chance she gets.


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