Frivolous Friday – What About the Cat’s Ears?

We talked about whiskers being kitty radar this week. But what about a cat’s ears? They could be considered a cat’s antennae. If you watch a cat’s ears, you’ll see that he has quite a range of motion. While the ideal for photographing a cat is forward, perky, pricked up,but if there’s anything going on around the cat or even outside, or a few streets over, he may be wriggling them from side to side and all around listening to sounds that you can’t even begin to hear.

Cats are among those animals with the best hearing—along with bats, elephants, owls, and can you believe, pigeons and moths?

But cats’ ears have some interesting features most of us have never heard of. Cats ears are self-cleaning, so don’t mess with them unless under a veterinarian’s care.

I thought a cat’s ears helped to diagnose a fever. But I learned today that when the cat’s ears are warm or hot, it might be that they’re simply stressed. Have you ever noticed one ear being quite warm and the other cool? I have. I figured the cat had been napping and maybe laying on the warmer ear. Maybe not. Evidently the right ear is the only one that responds to stress. When a cat is stressed, the right ear will become heated and the left ear is maybe still cool.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear and they can rotate 180 degrees. She also has 5 times better hearing than we do—so turn that music down. It’s probably driving your cat crazy. And there’s no reason to shout when trying to find her. She hears you. It may be that she just doesn’t want to respond right now. You know, she’s a cat!


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