Thoughts for Thursday – The Eyes Have It

One of the most remarkable and intense aspects of a cat is the eyes. There’s something mesmerizing about a cat’s eyes. You’re attracted to them. When a cat looks at you, you can’t look away. You sometimes feel drawn into those eyes. They’re just fascinating.

Cat eyes, like human eyes, come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Lily had the largest round eyes—they almost took up her whole face. Sophie’s eyes are kind of squinty and Olivia has smaller round eyes. But no matter the size, shape or color, boy can cats use their eyes to express their mood. And you’ve probably noticed that the eye color can also change—with the lighting, of course, but did you know that the eye color can change by mood. One expert claims that a mellow, happy cat’s eyes might appear a shade darker than they do when they’re stressed. We’re all going to be watching our cat’s eyes this afternoon, right?

It’s widely known that cats can see much better in the dark than we can. And they don’t understand why we step on them or trip over them at night. They see us, why can’t we see them. Yeah, especially if you have dark-colored cats, you have to use a nightlight or bedside light when you walk around at night.

Did you know that scientists consider a cat’s eyes similar to humans? They’ve even used cats to study how the human eye and the brain work together. If you’ve ever wondered, yes cats can see color, but the ability is much diminished by human standards. In fact their close-up vision isn’t very sharp, but they can see much better than we can in the distance. Experts say that while our vision is 20/20, a cat’s might be more like 20/100.

Cats eyes are expressive. Along with their ears and whiskers and stance, their eyes are quite revealing when it comes to a cat’s mood. My favorite expression in a cat’s eyes is the eye-kiss. You know, that slow blink he does when he’s staring lovingly at you.

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