Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – The Gourmet Cat

There are many choices in cat food these days. Just step into a pet store to buy a can or bag of cat food and your mind will be boggled. There are shelves and shelves of cat food to choose from—different brands, different flavors, different styles (pate, chunky, with gravy, etc.). Some people feed a raw diet, some make their own cat food. And we sometimes do a lot of experimenting to find what a finicky cat will eat. Sophie likes pate. Olivia seems willing to try anything, except for when she doesn’t want to eat at all. Sigh! Even though she appears to be chubby, she can go a full day without touching a bite of her canned food. Yes, I free-feed kibbles and sometimes I guess that’s what she prefers, but I want her to eat her canned food as well.

I feel like an Italian mother chasing my children around the house begging them to eat. But I found a secret weapon recently. Cantaloupe. She will eat a plate of her food if there’s cantaloupe involved. But that’s now—who knows what she’ll decide to eat or not eat tomorrow or the next day? Pumpkin (no spices—just plain pumpkin) is another appetite enticement for some cats. I know one cat that adores bananas. Can you imagine?

Tuna juice can also entice a cat to eat his supper. Our cats go crazy for cheese. I don’t think that’s too unusual. But a cat eating tomatoes seems unusual to me. Lily would actually eat a bite of tomato from my salad when I wasn’t looking. Olivia seems to want to try peanut butter and I’m afraid she might have a craving for chocolate. We have not allowed her to have either of these things, especially the chocolate.

In my research for this article I came across cats that love pizza crust, pecans, asparagus and even lettuce. Well, our cats are crazy for grass, so I guess cats eating lettuce isn’t too weird.

I mentioned chocolate being bad for cats—toxic, actually. Once a friend brought her famous ooey, gooey brownies to share with us and I left them out on the table when I went to bed. Thankfully I remembered and got up to put them away, catching Katy, my beautiful Himalayan, nibbling away at the brownies. Yes, my girl had a chocolate fetish like her mama.


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  1. Nettie says:

    Personalities between two cats can indeed be so different! My beautiful black male Sylvester wants bits of anything his Pet Humans are eating ( although not every type of food), but is very picky about cat food. My chunky ginger tabby female loves cat food, but almost never wants human food. They have been together for 11 years and counting, but this has always been the pattern. Makes meal times so much fun!

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