Thoughts for Thursday – Cats and Horses and Birds and…

I just read a fun article about how similar cats and horses are. In my Klepto Cat Mysteries, Rags, the starring cat, is great friends with the starring horse, Peaches. And that isn’t totally unusual. Our family used to own and ride horses. One of my daughters continued in this sport and she often talks about the barn cats—cats that are attracted to the horses at the stables where she keeps her horses. The cats are, for the most part, welcome because they keep the rodent population down. Some of them also become company for the horses. Some take advantage of the horses, like the kitten in this photo curled up in the pony’s tail keeping warm one early morning. But the pony doesn’t seem to mind.

But then cats have been known to make friends and are photographed making friends with all different kinds of animals—goats, bunnies, ducks, geese, deer—you name it, and more typically the household dog. There’s an adorable photograph going around on Facebook showing a kitten snuggling with a baby owl. There are numbers of YouTube videos showing cats making friends or having made friends with a variety of other animals, but here’s a must see site with some of the most incredible photos of unlikely friendships among animals—a cat and a fox seen in the wild playing together in Turkey; a bear, a lion, and a tiger who are inseparable; a dog and an elephant. It’s charming—be sure to take a look at these amazing photographs.


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