Thoughts for Thursday – Cats in Boxes

Is there anything as cute as seeing a cat peering at you from inside a box? She may be in full view, but she sits there as if she thinks she’s invisible. She’s sitting in a box, after all, so she must be hidden from view.

Some cats will crawl or ooze into boxes, bowls, or baskets, that are too small. Why? Some say it’s genetic. Even a tiger in a zoo, when given a box, will hop inside and sit. It’s a matter of feeling secure and safe.

A few years ago there were people suggesting that you make a circle or a square on the floor using whatever is handy—string, blocks, straws, pencils, it doesn’t matter. Your cat will see this and immediately (or eventually) step inside the circle and sit down. I tried it with my cats and my mother’s cat and all of them did it.

The fact is that cats like enclosed spaces and it doesn’t matter if it’s the kitchen sink, a suitcase—even a baseball cap.


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