Newsday Tuesday – Lost and Found Cat…and More

We all take strict precautions to keep our cats safe. A huge fear for many of us is that our indoor cats will get out and that our indoor-outdoor cats will not come home at the end of the day. We’ve probably all had close calls. Our precious Himalayan, Katy, fell (or climbed) out a window screen the first night in a house I’d rented thirty years ago. I slept through the whole thing and was surprised to find Katy on our doorstep the next morning when I went out for the newspaper. Katy escaped a second time during my move into a home I bought a year later. This time she ran under the house. The best we could do—because she refused to come out and it was dark—was close her in under there until morning. I had a miserable night and she probably did too. But come morning, we removed the crawl space cover and she came right out. Whew.

My mother’s cat, Smokey (the cat I patterned Rags after) was an indoor/outdoor cat often hid from Mama–probably not on purr-pose–he was just following his bliss and hanging out in cool, warm, interesting, cozy, or handy places around the yard. Yes that’s him watching us madly in search of him one afternoon from the garage rafters.

Here’s the story of a woman whose rental car was stolen with her beloved cat inside. To make things worse, she was traveling and this occurred in a strange city. She eventually contacted PetFinders and they were able to help her locate Willow. This is quite a story with a lovely happy ending.

And here’s an e-course you might be interested in. Jon Sweeney teaches spirituality and cats—how to achieve “purrvana”—learning how to relax and live to the fullest like our cats do. In this e-course you’ll learn the value of and how to seek warm places, keep schedules, voice your opinion, find the love inside, and play like it matters. Hurry, the last session is Friday, February 12.

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