Mindful Monday – From Kitten to Cat

Those of us who have adopted a kitten are often stunned when we wake up one morning to find that the tiny pipsqueak we brought home now takes up half the bed. She has grown practically overnight. All you have left of that adorable kitten stage is fading memories, a few kitten scratch scars here and there, and maybe a frayed brocade chair you once loved. Kittens go through the infant, adolescent, and teen stages in a blink of the eye. Soon you’re sharing your home with a full-grown cat you hardly recognize. Yes, a kitten can change enormously in just a matter of months—even weeks.

Imagine a kitten squeezing into a small space for a nap only to wake up and discover she’s grown so much she can’t fit through the opening to climb back out. Looking back on Olivia’s growth journey, I’m sure if I’d paid close enough attention or used time-lapse filming, I could have actually seen the growth occurring.

It seems to me that puppies don’t change all that much over time. A puppy is pretty much a small replica of how he’ll look when grown. Not always so with a kitten. Check out these photos of Marmalade, Mollie, and Lily and you’ll see what I mean. Even the color shades changed a little over time.

I guess the only way you can predict what your kitten will look like as an adult is to consider the parents—which is often not possible when you rescue or adopt. If you buy a purebred, then you have a pretty clear idea of what your kitty will look like as an adult cat. Otherwise , it can be a surprise. Olivia, my calico (who will return to appear in posts later in the week, by the way) has developed into a much different cat than I expected, and she’s not through growing. I had no idea her tail would grow so long and luxurious. I love that about her, although it seems to make her a little awkward at times. I think it’s a bit more of a tail than she can gracefully manage. She isn’t the daintiest cat around or the most coordinated. And her fur has changed from being kitten fluff to the softest, sleek and luxurious coat.

Certainly, I’ve never been disappointed in how a kitten developed, I’m just saying, it can be a surprise. Comments?



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