Thoughts for Thursday – Natural Remedies for Cats

Did you know that catnip—the herb of choice for most cats—can also ward off mosquitoes? Do cats know this? Evidently birds have a clue—some species will rub against citrus fruits in order to discourage insect pests.

I recall putting eucalyptus leaves in a birthing box for a beautiful pregnant Himalayan-type cat I’d rescued from the Humane Society Shelter years ago. She had a terrible case of fleas and we didn’t want to use the toxic flea remedies we used on those days. I didn’t know about diatomaceous earth at that time.

About diatomaceous earth—it is used in pool filters, but it’s also an excellent deterrent for fleas and other insects. This is good news for those who live in areas where fleas thrive and have cats (like I have) that are super sensitive to veterinary flea treatment. This substance will also kill and deter ants, bedbugs and other insects. The most recommended treatment is to sprinkle it over your carpet, on hard surfaces in corners, around baseboards, on furniture and that cats’ bedding. A professional applying this to the carpet would tamp it with a machine that would help to break up the powder and filter it deeply into the carpet. Vacuum after a few days.

Other natural remedies include Chamomile tea bags for irritated eyes, pumpkin for the digestion, replacing plastic eating bowls with pottery or metal for chin acne, use butter to help with hair balls, and use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting if your cat (or dog) has eaten something he shouldn’t. I wouldn’t do this randomly, however, what he swallowed might be damaging coming back up. Always check with your vet in emergencies like this.

Here’s a website with other natural remedies for your pets.

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