Frivolous Friday – How to Photograph a Cat

We’ve all tried to capture fun, sweet, and beautiful moments with our cats and sometimes we get some great photos. Most of them, however, might as well go in the trash or be deleted from our phone or camera. Here’s a site with some good ideas and tips for getting better shots. For example, use props and shoot from several angles. Try to shoot from the same level as the cat. I prefer to elevate my cats rather than get down on the floor with them.

I like this tip, give her something to do or to focus on. I believe you can get a more interesting shot if she’s alert  and expressing interest in something to the side or in front of her or maybe behind you as you take the shot.

Make the photo session fun and relaxed. And most of all be patient. Well, if you’ve had cats for any length of time you know that anything you want to do with the cat or that you want the cat to do takes patience. Cats march to their own drummers and seem to have a strong desire to oppose whatever you have in mind. That’s why it also helps, when doing photography, to set the scene, prepare ahead of time before introducing the cat to the room or background you want to use.

Actually, photographing a cat is like just about anything else you do with your cat—you have to convince the cat that it’s her idea—to her benefit, not something you particularly want her to do. Here’s a site with more ideas for getting that winning shot of your favorite feline.

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