Thoughts for Thursday – What’s NEW in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory?

Those of you who devour my Klepto Cat Mysteries will be happy to know that there’s a new one on the way—Book 50 is with the editor as we speak. So what am I doing with my time now that Book 50 is off my desk for a while? I thought you’d never ask.

I’m revamping older books. The earliest print books need to be reformatted—they look a little unprofessional and we want to remedy that. Also, I’m finding that the writing is a bit stilted in some of the earliest books, so  I’m editing those books as well. The story will remain the same; I’m just refreshing the writing. I’ve already revised Books One through Four. I just finished Book 5.

I know that many of you re-read the series from time to time and you already have your copies in your e-reader or on your shelf. But future readers will have the opportunity to enjoy a cleaner version of these books and for that I am happy.

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