Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Your Cat Style

I love the long-haired cats. I like those with a cobby body, round heads—those that carry a kittenish quality into adulthood. Some people prefer the sleeker variety of cat. While some appreciate talkative, active cats, others prefer quiet, relaxed breeds. Well, as we discussed yesterday there seems to be a breed and a style and a purr-sonality for every cat connoisseur.

Here’s a fun site showing the best cat for your personality. I had fun with it, I’m sure you will too.

I did some research and learned a little about how to match human-cat personality types to the purr-fect cat companion.. For example, if you are affectionate, you might adore rooming with a Maine coon cat or the Ragdoll. If you need a lot of attention from your cat, choose a Devon Rex. I you like a mellow lifestyle and would prefer a cat with the same ideals—British shorthair. If you like a chatty cat, consider the Siamese or the Maine coon. And if you want a lot of action in your home, the Manx may be for you. Here’s a site focusing on cat breeds by personality type.





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