Frivolous Friday – Olivia’s Evil Paper Scare

Olivia had a scare last week. She found herself being followed by an evil post-it note. It had somehow attached itself to her bushy tail and everywhere she went it went no matter how fast her little legs scurried up and down the hall, through the living room, across the furniture and into the kitchen, then into and out of bedrooms lickety-split. We thought she was just playing, until she stopped and hid under the sofa. That’s where I found her and the frightening square pink post-it.

Poor thing was edgy for the rest of the day and she has avoided those nasty pink things ever since.

Our beautiful white odd-eye cat, Winfield, ran into a problem once when he was still a kitten. It was Christmastime and he became too snoopy for his own good. Yup, he managed to get his head through the handles of a gift bag and it tried to strangle him. He ran to get away from the monster, but it ran along with him, slapping him and making a lot of noise—scaring him into running even faster. We found him under the bed, under attack of the bag and were able to relieve him of it. He was not a fan of the holidays after that, as you can imagine.

The message here is we must keep our eye on our cats and especially our kittens at all times. They’re curious—that’s their job—and their curiosity can land them in trouble. Bring a kitten into your home and he’ll show you the many dangers there that you might take for granted—electric cords, dangling blind pulls, heavy bric-a-brac on pretty eyelet runners on tall dressers and tabletops, chocolate in a bowl to name a few—and, of course evil pink, yellow, and blue post-it notes. Oh my!!!


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  1. Kathleen M Schoggins says:

    Poor Olivia those post its are evil

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