Thoughts for Thursday – What’s Happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory—2021

Rags’s fans will be pleased to know that there’s another Klepto Cat Mystery in the works. I can’t wait to share this one with you—it has some wild-cat action in it. Yeah, I thought you’d like that.

We had a glitch on the first day of 2021. Not a good way to start a promising new year. We managed to publish Book 49 a few days before the end of the unprecedented year of isolation–the year of the end of the hug as we knew it.  There was a problem with the readability of the Kindle version of Book 49, In PURRsuit of the Unknown. That was disappointing and embarrassing. I notified customers saying that we were working on a fix. Well, I thought it was fixed and I sent notices out inviting folks to order a clean copy—I replaced copies for those who asked, but still it was not right.

Thankfully people were coming forward and letting me know there was a problem. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. Sometimes we go about our business here trusting that all is okay—when it isn’t. The only way we know there’s a problem is when someone tells us.

I learned something with this problem and isn’t that what life is all about—having fun and learning? From here on out, I will check the book myself at the Amazon site to make sure it is right before promoting it. I sure don’t want to go through another few days like those.

So for now, all is well at the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory. I have made a decision though. Once Book 50 is published, I will return to my task and my obligation to revise and reformat earlier books that don’t quite, in my opinion, meet our standards. We’ve learned a lot over the years of producing these books and I want to put what I’ve learned to practice.


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