Newsday Tuesday – Cats in the News in 2020   

You probably read that the oldest cat on record died this year. Rubble, who resided in England with his family, lived to be 31 years old.

But cats were saved this year, too. One cat was rescued moments before entering the crusher in a recycle plant on a conveyor belt in Russia. You probably saw that amazing rescue on the news. Did you know that the Ministry of Environment adopted the black-and-white cat and he is now living the good life.

Three kittens were found in a similar situation is New Jersey recently. Someone had stuffed the kittens into a backpack and tossed them into a Dumpster. Thankfully they were discovered before entering the crusher and are now being cared for in loving homes.

In today’s news I saw a piece about a homeless man who braved flames in a burning animal shelter to save the animals and he did–he saved all 10 cats and 6 dogs in the Atlanta, GA shelter.

During 2020 we, here at the Klepto Cat Mystery factory, have been busy too. We had our most productive year yet with 8 new stories featuring Rags, the Klepto Cat who can’t keep his paws off other people’s things. And we might even make 9. The 49th book in the series—the 9th book I’ve written this year—just might make it to publication before the ball falls in New York. If it all comes together as we hope it will before New Year’s Eve, we’ll introduce the new book later this week. Wait until you see the cover on this book!

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