Mindful Monday – Oh-So-Rare Cats

How many of you have the Cat-a-Day calendar and each morning you enjoy tearing yesterday’s page off to reveal today’s adorable cat? I don’t know about you, but I learn something more about cats throughout the year from that calendar. I’ve even contributed to it and I’ve had a couple of my photos accepted. Thrill! I’m still waiting to hear if a photo of Olivia with her paws crossed will make it into the 2022 calendar. I think they’ll contact the “winners” around October. Crossing my paws too.

On the December 22, 2020 page, I met a new cat—a Dwelf. This cat’s heritage includes the Sphynx, American Curl, and Munchkin. It’s hairless, has the ear-curl and short legs. Interesting looking little cat, they say with an over-sized personality.

As I conducted additional research on the Dwelf, I came across another fairly new cat Image result for Dwelfbreed and this one is so rare they say there are only 10 of them—or only 10 of them have ever been registered. Yes they are a recognized breed. This is the Ojos Azules (Spanish for blue eyes).

The Ojos Azules can have any color fur, although white is not preferred. Their only commonality is the deep-blue eye color. To learn more about the Ojos Azules and to see pictures of those amazing eyes, here’s a link: https://allaboutcats.com/cat-breeds/ojos-azules

The Dwelf is featured here: https://www.petguide.com/breeds/cat/dwelf/

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