Newsday Tuesday – Never Stop Learning About Your Cat

If you have more than one cat or have had a variety of cats over the years (like me), you have learned one important lesson. No two cats are the same. They each comes with a plethora of traditional cat-like behaviors and traits and characteristics, but there’s also always something unique about each one of them. They teach you something new about cats. Isn’t it fun???

I strive to bring you information and stories to further widen your scope of knowledge and understanding about cats. Folks, I learn right along with you. I have a kitten, you know—she’s almost eight months old now—and she’s teaching us tons. Loving the lessons.

I even teach in my Klepto Cat Mysteries. I’ve had fans come back to me and say, “I read one of your books this week and I learned something I didn’t know.” Once it had to do with a health issue. Boy was that reader happy to finally learn the solution to her cat’s chin acne. And it was simple.

On my website,, I list 100 things you can learn from reading the Klepto Cat Mysteries. I’m constantly adding to that list. And I often share sites here in this blog where you can learn more about a health concern, strange habits, extraordinary cats , famous cats, traits according to breed and so much more. Today I’m providing a truth you probably never thought you’d learn. Why do cats do that cute wiggle-butt thing before they pounce? Well, here’s the answer. You’re welcome.

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