Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats That Live on the Edge

It’s been my experience that cats come with some interesting and sometimes annoying, but usually cute quirks. Where do these things come from? Why does one cat adore a tummy rub and others will threatened to scratch your eyes out if you touch the tummy? What makes some cats crave greens (lettuce, kale, etc.) or be attracted to the scent of perfume or feet? Why does Olivia drop to the floor when scolded or confronted by something she’s not familiar with? She was the runt of the litter. Was that her defense mechanism with her bigger brothers? We also wonder why she lives on the edge. She’s a percher. She perches on the edge of things and she sprawls so that part of her is hanging off. Where do these traits and habits come from? Wouldn’t it be fun to know? Here’s a site that lists some interesting cat behavior with explanations. https://www.cuteness.com/13713215/why-does-my-cat-do-that-20-puzzling-cat-behaviors-explained

Do you want to know why your cat likes paper, follows you to the bathroom, spends more time at the neighbor’s house than at yours, for example? Then you’ll enjoy this article. There are cute photos, too.

Here’s another site featuring additional quirky cat behaviors. Does your cat beg for grass? (Ours do.) Does he ALWAYS knock things off the tabletop? (Olivia knocks a small flashlight off a shelf every single night—I guess it just doesn’t belong there.) Does she often lay down on the project you’re working on—reading, writing, sewing, gluing, cleaning? If so and if you’ve ever wondered why your cat does these things, you’re going to get a kick this article. https://www.thedrakecenter.com/services/cats/blog/15-strange-cat-behaviors-explained

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