Newsday Tuesday – Cats in the White House

Those of you who loves cats and who follows cats in the news will be pleased to learn that there will be a first cat again come January. The Bidens have two large German Shepherds and they’re eager to introduce a cat to the family. I hope they know what they’re doing. There are many sweet photographs on the web showing cat and dog buddies snuggling or playing, but it’s not an easy task to introduce a cat into a family with dogs who have never experienced a cat. Crossing fingers for the cat they choose.

Many of you know this certainly won’t be the first cat to be a First Cat. President Abraham Lincoln had a cat as did the Clintons, Calvin Coolidge, the Carters, the Reagans, the Kennedys and George W. Bush. Woodrow Wilson had cats and also a ram whose job it was to keep the White House lawns groomed. Theodore Roosevelt had 23 animals including cats. At the White House? Rutherford Hayes had a Siamese cat as well as cows, many dogs, a goat and a mocking bird.

Here’s a site showing some of the “first” cats, including a cute photo of Socks sitting in the president’s big leather chair. Remember Socks, the Clinton’s first cat?

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