Newsday Tuesday – National Cat Lover’s Month

December is National Cat Lover’s Month and there are countless ways to celebrate. Of course your cat gets the benefit of your love every single day. Some of you go beyond taking in one or two needy cats and caring for them. Some of you adopt or foster elderly or ailing cats. There are those who live with and care excellently for numbers of cats inside their homes and in colonies. Sure you demonstrate your love for one or more cats every year, but is there more that you can do? You know the answer to that question. There always is. Because there are uneducated people attempting to care for cats and those who are just unwilling to look at the big picture when it comes to cat overpopulation and abuse, yes, there is much more we can all do.

Here’s a great site listing 31 ideas for celebrating cat lover’s month—one for each day of the month. Study it and choose a couple of them. You’ll be glad you did and you might just make a difference. The ideas include, learn a skill related to cat care and teach it to others or offer to do it for others—clipping a cat’s claws, for example. Consider volunteering in some way at a local cat shelter or donating even if it’s just freshly washed blankets and towels. The list of ideas includes some fun things—read a book related to cats—hey, you might enjoy the Klepto Cat Mysteries. I have three Christmas stories that make great holiday reading.

Watch funny cat videos. Take pictures of your cat—it’s fun and maybe you’ll be inspired to create a calendar of cat photos for holiday gifts. Here’s an important one, hold a fire drill in your home and be prepared to remove the cat from danger. Ever think about that? I do. In fact I had to evacuate a couple of years ago—all cats survived and so did our home and neighborhood.

Happy Cat Lover’s Month to you and to your lucky cats. I’d love to hear how you celebrate this important “holiday.”

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