Mindful Monday – Olivia at Seven Months Old

Every day with this beautiful part Maine coon, part Ragdoll, part Savannah, part Abyssinian, etc., kitten is intriguing. It seems that a different facet of her heritage comes out when we least expect it and in ways we weren’t prepared for. She’s adventurous—daring, but more often than not, willing to please. As with any cat—it depends on her mood and what captivating temptation is at play in the moment. Will she stop nibbling on the flickering fake flame of my battery operated candles when we say, “NO!” or is this something she cannot resist? Will she settle down while I’m working on a story or is she too needy for attention at the moment?

There are times when it’s all hands on Olivia—that’s the way she wants it and she gets her message across loud and clear. There are other times when she wants to use our hand or arm as a kick toy—often drawing blood in her exuberance.

It’s fun to watch Olivia grow (she’s a good pound and a half, maybe two pounds heavier than the average seven-month-old kitten and she started out as the runt—a tiny fluff ball of a kitten). It’s fascinating to watch her learn, shift her behavior to suit herself (and sometimes us), and develop habits and interests (which can change by the minute).

She’s curious, but usually eager to please. She has an energy that keeps us on our toes and delights us. We do a whole lot of laughing around here. A charmer she is—in a big way. And boy does she have the manipulation gene. But then that’s a cat’s super power, isn’t it? Cats aren’t all adorable fur-beings, there’s the beguiling ability to wrap unsuspecting people around their little paws and mesmerize us with their purr and their eyes—oh those tantalizing eyes.

Olivia is sprawled across my lap as I type this. She isn’t a kitten that curls up—she sprawls and she flops and she’s just the most charming fur-being. What a treat and a bright spot in an otherwise difficult year.

Happy seven-month birthday to our little love. Olivia, you’ve brought us so much joy. And we’re doing our best to give you the best life any cat could dream of.

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