Newsday Tuesday – Things You May Not Know About the Black Cat

According to some, today is National Black Cat Day and I’m taking this opportunity to honor the black cat and to share some interesting facts about these beauties.

We now have two mostly black cats—Sophie, a tortie and Olivia a calico. Finally, I can wear my black slacks and black sweaters since I no longer have to deal with light-colored fur all over my clothes.

I did some research for this post and was surprised to learn a few things myself. For example, it’s guestimated that only 5-10 percent of cats are black. Despite the belief that black cats are the last to be adopted, one study shows that 31 percent of adoptions are black cats with 20 percent of them grey and 18 percent brown.

While the Bombay (cat) is almost always black, technically there are no actual black cat breeds. There are, however, cat breeds that include black cats—the munchkin, Scottish fold, Norwegeian forest cat, Japanese bobtail, American bobtail, Rex, Persian and others.

You might be interested to know that the gene that causes black fur may also help to make black cats more resistant to disease. Now there’s a good reason to bring a beautiful black cat into your home—fewer vet bills—a healthy cat!

Black cats come in all sizes, shapes, and purrsonalities. They can be every bit as interesting as any other cat—curious, affectionate, smart. And while it’s possible to get excellent pictures of your black cat, they aren’t the easiest cats on the planet to photograph.

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