Newsday Tuesday – Celebrated Cats

The advent of the Internet has certainly brought us closer to understanding and appreciating cats. Some of us, however, have always been nutty about cats. And we certainly adore seeing all of the sweet and humorous videos and photos of cats shared across the Internet every day. It’s my go-to for relaxation after a day of writing.

The Internet has also created some famous cats—Grumpy Cat, for example, Are you also familiar with Cole and Marmalade, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Sam, the cat with very distinctive eye brows?

But cats have always been in the limelight in movies, on TV, in children’s and adult stories, in commercials, animated, and cartooned for our pleasure. Some of my favorites were Morris the finicky cat (all three of the marmalade cats that played that role), Garfield and what about Si and Am in Lady and the Tramp? There was Puss in Boots, Felix, and I loved Sassy in Homeward Bound. Did you know that some of the presidents had cats? Abraham Lincoln started the trend with his tabby, Tabby. Who’s your all time favorite famous cat?

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