Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Sauntering on the Wild Side

The more we observe our cats the more we can see their wild side. Right? Well, this isn’t too unusual when you consider that your Fluffy or Tigger shares 95.6 percent of their DNA with the tiger.

But there are people taking great leaps of liberty with our domestic cat and bringing more wild into their makeup. Here are eight cats that now walk on the wilder side:

Savannah – a cross between a domestic cat and the African serval

Safari – Domestic cat crossed with the Geoffroy’s cat from South America

Bengal – Domestic cat and wild Asian leopard cat

Chausie – Wild Asian jungle cat and domestic cat

Toyger – Domestic short hair and Bengal

Serengeti – Oriental shorthair and Bengal

Cheetoh – Bengal and Ocicat

Ocicat – Cross between Siamese and Abyssinian

For photos and more information on some of these cats you might enjoy this site. https://fairmountpetservice.com/Blog/pet-services-blog/domestic-wild-hybrid-cat-breeds/



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