Mindful Monday – Read and Hug Your Cat–Not Necessarily in That Order

It’s true that a large percentage of people never read a book after high school or college, but statistics show that more people are reading more books during the pandemic. I say good for you! It’s the perfect time to learn something new, gain further education on a subject of interest, and/or lose yourself in a wonderful story while staying close to your cat.

Reading can whisk you away into another time. It gives you the opportunity to hang out with interesting people, go on fascinating adventures without leaving your comfort zone, and view the world from a more positive, loving perspective. And it puts you in a purrfect position to cuddle with your cat.

Reading can help you to develop your own imagination. It’s a way to stretch your vocabulary and your ability to understand the plight of others. It can help you become a better communicator, it improves your ability to concentrate and focus, and reading can improve your memory. (Don’t forget to feed the cat.)

Not only that, reading uplifting stories—with plots that hold your interest, make you laugh, and touch your heartstrings are beneficial on many levels. Hey, I just described my Klepto Cat Mysteries. Reading one will make you want to hug your cat.

If you haven’t read one of my books lately,  pick up the first book in the series or any one of the 44 books and have yourself a good read. It will take your mind to more gentle times and, perhaps, lighten the burden you carry at least for an hour or so. We could all use a little escape from reality. So today, curl up with your cat(s), shut off the computer and the TV, and read to your heart’s content.


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