Thoughts for Thursday – Enjoying Cats At Large

We have a cat—just one now. How we miss Lily. She was the cat in charge—the one who filled our home with frivolity and fun. We love Sophie, and we’re enjoying the new Sophie who has emerged since she is, for the first time ever, an only cat. If you don’t believe that a cat’s personality can change, bring in another cat, a dog, even a fish in a bowl or observe her when a pet leaves. Cats can and will change right before your eyes.

Since Lily left, I also pay more attention to the outdoor cats—watching them from the windows, having long conversations with them when I see them in my yard or even over the fence. Because of the pandemic, I still don’t pet other people’s pets. I miss that. But I acknowledge them and I appreciate them.

Here are a few new photos I’ve taken of the cats I’ve seen out and about this year.

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