Frivolous Friday – Cats Sheltering in Place

Cats have a lot to teach us about sheltering in place. They’ve been doing it all their lives. What kitten doesn’t love to dive under a sheet of newspaper, a blanket or even your skirt when you least expect it? Lily learned from big brother, Max, that you’re safer under the blankets on Mommy’s bed when there’s thunder or a big truck rolling down the street or noisy work being done in the house.

Many cats hide under the bed or the couch when frightened, when it’s time for a dose of medicine or nail clipping, or they simply want some quiet space. And some crawl into boxes large and small just for fun. This sometimes gets a cat into trouble when the box is ultimately sealed and shipped off someplace. It happens.

Cats are expert at finding great hiding places. Where a dog might hide his head in a pillow or behind a door, leaving his body in view, a cat will crawl into a tissue box or behind a TV or into a pocket or drawer and disappear completely. Yes, cats know how to shelter in place—anyplace that suits them.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve found your cat?

I’ve spent many many minutes looking for a missing cat at night only to eventually find her on a windowsill behind the drapes or blinds. I had a kitten disappear into a lazy Susan shelf once. I finally found her sleeping on the shelf when I rolled it open to look for a can of peas. Another time I found the cat I was looking for up inside the under-lining of a mattress. Unbeknownst to me, he had made a small tear in the lining, then crawled up inside there so he couldn’t be seen. Good one, Max.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite pictures of cats sheltering in place. Enjoy!


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