Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – New Cat Products You Might Not Expect

Cats are big news and it follows that there are big and small companies and even individuals coming up with innovative, unusual, fun, and useful products for cats.

I found an ad for a cat tree with an IQ box. Ever hear of that? It’s kind of clever, actually. The IQ box is a box at the base of the cat tree with holes and you can put balls in there for the cat to reach in and play with.

There are scads of cat bed designs, but never ever any guarantee that your cat will use the beds. I don’t know how many cat beds I’ve bought and how many have been given to me, yet Lily and Sophie are the only cats I’ve had that actually use their beds—and that’s only sometimes.

There are many new types of kitty litter. I bought an off brand online recently and was not happy with it. It is so full of clay that, especially when you have a cat with kidney disease, who pees HUGE amounts, the bucket I fill with the clumps can get HEAVY! I think the litter that diagnosis or hints at a medical problem based on the color the litter turns when the cat urinates is quite innovative.

And what about food bowls. Some cats need to eat up off the floor—I had with an enlarged heart. The veterinarian said he might find it uncomfortable to eat at floor level. A cat in late stages of kidney disease can get indigestion when they lean over to eat. So there are bowls on pedestals. And bowls that are sensitive to “whisker stress.” That is, they are shaped or wide enough so that the cat’s whiskers don’t rub on the sides of the bowl.

Maybe you’ve come across some new cat products during your Internet shopping sprees. Have you found any you’d recommend?

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