CONTEST: Name That Book!!!

Win a free Klepto Cat Mystery of your choice for the best title idea. Must have a cat-related word or term (paw, hiss, mew, purr, etc.) Altering words is okay (PURRfect, CATastic). Leave response here or send to Winner to be announced Monday morning April 20, 2020. Lily is eager to see your entry. She will help me select the winner. (Ebook only for winner outside of US.)

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2 Responses to CONTEST: Name That Book!!!

  1. I love the word, Pawsibility. It means A thing that may happen or be the case when a cat is around. Another I enjoy is Furend, It equals Fur plus Friend. But the best is Meoow which means now in my black cat’s language along with Moom which his way of saying Mom.

  2. Nancy Gigli says:

    Surpaws pawty Klepto for surprise party klepto

    My entry for contest!

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