Mindful Monday—The Corona Virus and Your Cats

It didn’t occur to me that cats could get the Corona Virus, but this is a question posed by some pet owners and the answers may surprise you.

As many of you in past weeks, I’ve been sick, but I never thought to quarantine myself from my cats. Cats are the best medicine when you’re not feeling well, after all. However, because there is a new strain of virus threatening us, and the fact that it may have come from the animal kingdom, some pet owners are concerned that if they get it, their cats or dogs might also get it. Or that their pets can transmit it to them.

The fact is that professionals don’t know how or if this strain might sicken household pets. While, as of March 6 no animals had been diagnosed with the virus, officials are saying they just don’t know. Here are some guidelines set up as precautions.


Here’s another take on the topic. https://petpedia.co/coronavirus-in-cats/ Basically it sounds like, while there is a Corona Virus that animals can get, we don’t have to worry about our pets contracting the same strain of the virus as humans get. After all, they spend an awful lot of time washing their little paws.

Resist Greeting Neighborhood Cats and Dogs

Speaking of hygiene, one important thing I’m doing to prevent infecting myself and others right now is to avoid petting other people’s pets. I hope to resume my walking routine this week (as soon as it quits raining) and I’ve made a vow to keep my paws to myself when I come across a sweet dog with his owner on the trails and paths. When I walk to the mailbox the three friendly dogs across the street always entice me to interact with them. Lately, I coo and croon to them—“pretty doggies, sweet doggies…” but I don’t reach out for a petting to protect myself and my neighbors from the spread of any disease.

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