Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats in High Places

Do you have ladders, platforms, and cat walks in your home for your cats? Cats love to hide out under furniture, in boxes, cupboards, cat trees, blanket-tents and such, but they also like to climb and play king/queen of the mountain. Cats like to perch high and watch their kingdom from above. Other than their desire to look down on us peasants, why do you think cats like being in high places?

Cats still have a lot of their ancestral DNA. They haven’t lost their instincts to hunt, to be wary of predators, and that’s part of their innate desire to hang out in high places. Kittens will climb drapes. Cats will hop up onto empty shelving if it puts them above everything and everyone else or on the kitchen table, for example.

Cats climb trees (and sturdy houseplants). Outside, they climb up onto roofs, into the rafters in a garage, onto the roof of cars. And if you were to build them a catwalk in your house, they’d delight in using it every chance they get. It’s something to consider—especially if you don’t want your cats on the kitchen table.

Here’s a site full of images of cats in high places—one is even hanging out on the top of a door. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=cats+in+high+places&qpvt=cats+in+high+places&FORM=IGRE

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