Frivolous Friday – Where Does Your Cat Sleep?

A sleeping cat is adorable. I love seeing a cat curled up, eyes closed and relaxed. So sweet. And aren’t their choice of sleeping areas interesting? OMGosh, they can make the most ordinary item extraordinarily cute just by climbing in and curling up. Kittens, especially, will crawl into a basket, a purse, a baseball cap, drawer, or shoe to sleep. You might buy your cats each a cozy bed that they never use because they’d rather curl up on a blanket in your closet, in a box of books or tablecloths, up inside the underlining of a mattress, in a bowl in a kitchen cupboard, in the linen closet… Cats are expert at finding unique places to sleep.

Our cats each have a cat bed close to the heater. Originally they picked the bed they wanted—Lily on the left and Sophie on the right. Each morning after breakfast they’d take a nap in their beds. Cute. One day Lily decided to try out Sophie’s bed. I guess this upset Sophie and I’ve never seen her in either bed since. Now she naps on my bed in the morning (she likes it unmade) and she enjoys her afternoon nap on a cozy kitty blanket on the loveseat.

Lily still uses the cat beds in front of the heater—sometimes switching beds. She sleeps with me at night and she’ll also nap during the day on my bed (she likes it made) or on a blanket against an electric radiating heater in the back of the house. I love it when Lily chooses my lap for a nap while I’m working at the computer on a chilly morning, but she’ll honor me only sporadically.

It’s like cats have moods, or is it a throwback from their wild ancestors that they change their sleeping spots from time to time?


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