The Fascinating World of Kitty Cats

Lily Kitten

Lily Kitten

Have you ever noticed that cats continually remind us how smart, clever and interesting they are? We read about lost cats traveling long distances to get home. Some traveled as many as 200 miles. One cat was gone for three weeks. When he arrived home, he had two broken legs. Sometimes cats take a long time to find their way home. It took one cat five years.

Cats are good at outsmarting other animals and even their human caretakers. They learn tricks—usually because it benefits the cat in some way: he can catch more birds, get treats, escape from a room or pen and so forth. Some cats play catch. I know one who rides around on his owner’s shoulders when he goes out for a walk. Cats use toilets, open doors, sense illness in the people who care for them and some have been known to save their families from serious danger.

Intense Beauty

Intense Beauty

Cats seem to understand what you’re saying and even what you’re thinking. I can’t tell you how many times my Himalayan ran under the bed on the day she was scheduled to go to the vet or the groomer even before the carrier was brought into the house. This normally friendly girl who always welcomed an unexpected tummy rub or scratch behind the ear, had the uncanny ability to disappear when I walked into the room to fetch her and take her to the vet or groomer.

I have a fascinating story in Catscapades of successfully using mind talk with a cat one day in order to get her to walk voluntarily into the carrier. Catscapades is a book of true cat stories featuring real cats. Order it at or here:

I also write fiction involving cats and I’ve given some of the cats in my new novels traits and personalities of cats I’ve known or met. Rags is a kleptomaniac, for example, and a most charming fellow. He helps to “paw” the killers in my Klepto Cat Mystery series. Available now are:

Catnapped (published June, 2013)

Cat-Eye-Witness (published October 7, 2013)

Both of these books are at only for Kindle.

If you enjoy a good mystery and if you love it when there’s a cat in the story, I think you’ll enjoy these books.

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