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This week, I announced my brand new novel, Cat-Eye Witness, the 2nd in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. I can’t wait to go back to working on the third one. But there’s much to be done before that’s an option. Each new book must be introduced to its potential readers. If you don’t introduce it, promote it, get word out about it, no one will know it exists. If they don’t know about it, they won’t buy it. So I am very busy these days promoting Catnapped and Cat-Eye Witness.

A lot of my promotion is done at the computer with Lily kitty curled up in my lap. How sweet is that? Sometimes she runs off to get a drink from her fountain, to go see what Sophie kitty is doing or just to stretch her legs and Max gets in my lap. Max is about twice Lily’s size and weighs about five pounds more, so it isn’t quite as comfortable working with the big guy on my lap. They do offer encouragement for my writing, though, especially when I’m writing about cats.

If you enjoy mysteries involving cats and if you like a little romance with your stories, consider downloading Catnapped AND Cat-Eye Witness to your Kindle. I’m considering putting both books in print after the first of the year. If you’d like to be notified when I do this, either stay tuned to this blog and/or send me your contact information and I’ll let you know when this happens.

In the meantime, order Catnapped for your Kindle here:
Order Cat-Eye Witness for your Kindle here:

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